Single: Oliver Beardmore – Fade

“Inspired in part by the film Trainspotting, Oliver will be celebrating Fade’s release providing support on the London Date of October Drift’s UK Tour before venturing to Leeds for a shoegaze all dayer. The third single from upcoming EP ‘Tailspin’ promises everything from Kevin Shields to Julien Baker.”

A little quote about the song and the artists. Once again sharing a shoegaze track and I am enjoying the various moods the shoegaze can bring. There were times when I thought that shoegaze is just one style of sound and there is no creativity around it, but I am glad that artists are proving me wrong again and again. If you liked this song, you will also like all the new singles which are coming from the EP mentioned above. All three songs have different moods, but each of them is really interesting in its own way.

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