Single: Marni – 99¢

“Los Angeles-based shoegaze band that draws inspiration from the likes of Alex G, They Are Gutting a Body of Water, and DIIV. Produced by Corey Coffman, frontman of the acclaimed band Gleemer and one of the genre’s most influential producers, “99 Cents” sets the tone for their upcoming EP. Having shared the stage with notable acts like Crywank, Sour Widows, and Cryogeyser, Marni has quickly made a name for themselves in Los Angeles indie music scene. Thematically, the song explores feelings of nostalgia, heartache, and resilience.”

The recent resurgence of 90s music has been noteworthy, and I find it to be quite appealing. The infusion of shoegaze, grunge, and indie rock elements has been particularly enjoyable. The latest single from Marni, a Los Angeles-based artist, serves as a compelling illustration of how drawing inspiration from the 90s can yield a refreshing sound. I am particularly drawn to the heavy guitar presence and the overall sonic landscape of the song. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the new EP.