Single: Wave Beam – Late Summer

“Late Summer” is a dream-pop song driven by washed out guitars, punchy drums, and catchy vocal melodies with lyrics that relate to anyone going through a hearth-wrenching romance in these summer months ahead of us.”

As the summer draws near, I find myself yearning for music that captures the essence of the season. I’ve always been captivated by dreamy summer tunes, regardless of the time of year. The melodic strumming of a jangly guitar, hazy vocals, and the warmth of summer all come together in this music. As I gaze out of my window at the clear blue sky, I can’t help but envision the vast expanse of the ocean and the rhythmic crashing of waves against the shore. Living in a city far from the coast, this type of music evokes the perfect ambiance, transporting me to a seaside paradise.