Single: It’s Butter – I Don’t Want to Go to Work

Hollywood’s It’s Butter is described by frontwoman Britta Raci as “sad girl funky rock”: music to “shake ur ass to and boogie down while you cry.” New single “I Don’t Want to Go to Work” carries that mantle well as a swaying ode to employment dread. A bit groovy and more than a bit comically melodramatic, its energy is similar to that of a paired back, intimate take on Paramore’s After Laughter era. The desperate petulance of “Don’t make me go / Go / You just can’t make me / I’ll just sit in my car / And wish I was home” is relatable in a confused depressing-but-amusing way. The bridge on this one is great: the track momentarily stretches and pulls itself apart into a nebulous sea of thick bass, spacey guitar, skittering percussion, and twinkling keys. Unlike the subject coworkers and customers that inspire the mantra of “I Don’t Want to Go to Work,” there’s nothing here that’ll make your skin crawl, but it should serve as a safe, dance-y pocket of reprieve until you can crawl your mopey butt back to the demoralizing grind of capitalism.

You can check out “I Don’t Want to Go to Work” and more It’s Butter on Spotify.

Written by Travis Shosa.