Single: Intac – Wait and See (Real Good)

“Fuzzy, upbeat bedroom rock tune about love and appreciating what you got…it’s real good.”

What a catchy summery track this is. I have been loving fuzzy sounds in songs, somehow that type of sound connects with me a little more. Also I enjoyed the lyrics:

Ain’t too far from where it ends
Ain’t it hard to find a friend
Like the sun inside a room
Like the one I got in you

Ain’t it good
Real good

Real good

The outro of the song was interesting and, to be honest, it surprised me and I thought it was a different song that automatically played. I love when songs amaze me after the first listen and when I revisit them, they got me more and more. This is what has happened with me and this fuzzy summer bedroom tune. Just start the track and see (hear) for yourself.

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