Single: Puppy Problems – Him or Me

“Puppy Problems is an indie rock band based in Boston and Providence. Their first album, Sunday Feeling was released on Sleeper Records in 2018. Their second studio album, Winter in Fruitland will be released September 22nd on Anything Bagel Records. Though there’s been a few years between records, that time has been spent playing and booking shows, playing in a handful of other local bands.

A short introduction to the band and here is a little info about the newest single from the upcoming album:

Him or me is a collection of thoughts that is probably pretty familiar to anyone who has lived through an abusive situation or a moment of violence. For me, coming out of an experience like that I found myself wondering how people close to the person who had harmed me thought about their actions, or how they made excuses for the situation.

We are planning to write about the album once it will be out, so will bring you then responses to our 3 questions. I have been sharing some music from the cassette (not only) label Anything Bagel and I have been really enjoying it. For example, the new album from Generifus was great.

This new indie lo-fi rock track from Puppy Problems is something that will stick with you after you give it a try. Maybe it is the warm lo-fi vibe of the song, maybe it is Sami Martasian’s vocals and lyrics speaking to you. I am not sure, but every time I am listening to the song, it grows on me more and more. I am loving this kind of songwriting and indie rock tunes which reminds me of Greg Mendez and his newest album. I am looking forward to the new album which should be out later in September. From the singles that are already out, it is already promising a great album.

The previous single:

You can read a nice review on Post Trash about the previous single.

You can the older album Sunday Feeling out on Sleeper Records.

Lastly, do not forget to pre-order the newest album.

You can find more music from the band on Spotify.