Single: Jeff Moller – Still Intact

“Still Intact” is the new single by Jeff Moller. Produced with David Glasebrook (Oliver Ray & Patti Smith, Sugar Candy Mountain), the song features Jason Quever from Papercuts on the drums. The song is a perfect anthem for the dog days of summer when the days seem to stretch on forever. Jeff will be playing shows on the US West Coat to support the release and the label is undertaking a worldwide publicity campaign. Thanks for listening!

This was a message which accompanied the submission of this new single. I am liking the country (a little bit jangly) style of guitar which nicely adds flavor to the song and makes it more catchy. As in the description above, the song is a perfect song for summer traveling. I can hit the road, put this song on and enjoy driving in beautiful countryside. What a nice catchy fresh indie track!

The artist is from my new favorite label Royal Oakie Records.

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