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“Generifus (jen-uh-riff-us) is the longstanding music project of Olympia, WA resident Spencer Sult and friends. On June 2, the newest full-length recording by the group titled Rearrangel will be co-released by Missoula’s Anything Bagel and Portland’s Bud Tapes.

After a period of songwriting dormancy, Sult started putting new ideas together in the beginning of 2022, resulting in a few dozen demos written over the winter months. The album was recorded in June 2022 in Portland, OR with longtime friends and collaborators Zach Burba (Zacy’s, Dear Nora, Mega Bog) acting as producer and Vin Christopher (Oh, Rose, Ancient Pools) as engineer. Live band members Wilson Caicedo, Andrew Dorsett and Henry Wilson were joined by several Portland musicians to play on the tracks, which were recorded mostly live in the Trash Treasury studio. Fellow Olympian and west coast legend Lee Baggett also came in to play guitar and contribute vocals to the title track.

The 10 songs that make up Rearrangel are a mix of spiritual vision, road story, and wisdom lifted from bumper stickers. Stories told on the album range from vague and eerie Garcia/Hunter tales to sharper portrayals of Becker/Fagen style flawed heroes. Sult puts his own twist on these songs with a unique musical and lyrical perspective gained from a life spent in the Pacific Northwest.”


I have been registering Generifus for some time and I think I shared some music on my blog in the past. This is the newest album released also on my favorite cassette label Bud Tapes. I am really struggling to keep up with all the new music they have been releasing. I am glad this album landed in my submissions because I would have missed it otherwise. The album blends indie folk with alt country with indie rock with strong songwriting. It deserves proper listening, so if you are in a hurry or not paying enough attention, save it for later when you will have time. Not all albums are meant to be consumed in haste and this one deserves it. The album is well crafted and is a joyful listening experience. Somehow I have been sharing such gems this year, it is really hard to pick favorites but I bet this would be on my list for sure.

The lyrics are so great, really masterful songwriting. These few lines somehow stuck in my head:

I’m goin today, its not so far
I can see the island from the car

Twist a lie and make it true
I might be slow but I’m ahead of you

You can order the album on cassettes or vinyl or CDs. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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