Single: Swiss Portrait – Paper Houses

“Swiss Portrait is a project by Edinburgh based Artist Michael Kay Terence. With a DIY approach Michael records and produces all his music in his tiny spare room outside of Edinburgh.”

I have waited for this post a little bit, just to give it some thought. I did not come up with anything special, so I decided to write a few sentences. This artist and this song are really special to me because we are working together on our first official cassette release under our blog, which is kinda becoming a cassette label. You can pre-order cassettes on Bandcamp.

Michael’s music has been dear to me since the first time I heard his song and it was thanks to this blog. We became e-friends and worked together under Z Tapes. Since I left Z Tapes, we have been still talking and I have been sharing his music, but when I heard this new album and there were no plans to release cassettes, I stepped in and offered help. The reason why I started our new cassette label is mainly the new album which will be out later in July. It is truly great and I am so happy to work again with Michael to bring his music on cassettes.

His dreamy indie pop music is just a perfect fit for my summer vibes and I am supper happy about this project we are doing together.

The label has no future releases planned, no steady roster, or anything. It will be just me releasing music on cassettes for my friends. This is the start and we will see how it goes.

Go and pre-order the album on cassette or digital or stream new singles on Spotify.