Album: Western Jaguar – Oblivion

Born in a bedroom in Mission, British Columbia, Western Jaguar is the ever-evolving musical endeavour of multi- instrumentalist, Jeffrey Trainor. Taking influence from artists such as Foals, Sam Fender, Alvvays and The 1975, Western Jaguar’s sonic footprint creates an unmatched mix of indie rock, dream pop and shoegaze.”

Sometimes the way how I discover a new album is so interesting. I was asking for help to adjust volumes for our compilation, and Jeffrey aka Western Jaguar wrote me that he can help. Because of that, I discovered his new album that has been released just last week and I loved it so I am writing about it here. I love this unplanned way of discovery, especially in a case like this when the album is so good. You know I have a soft spot for Canadian music and this one is fitting for the summer moods just perfectly.

If you want to read more about the process of the album, you can visit this blog post. There is a more detailed description of how the whole album was created, what inspired Jeffrey, and more. I enjoyed reading it, so will feature it at the end of the post so you can read it here.

The album has been released on CDs, but I would love to see it on tapes too. The format would suit the album very well.

The album is full of energy and I am enjoying the whole album, every track is a little bit different and blends more genres, which makes the whole album more sound-ful. I am recommending you start the album from the beginning and listen to it in full. I am so thankful to Jeffrey for helping us and indirectly showing me his music which I am really enjoying.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.