Single: The Radio Field – Other One (feat: Phantom Handshakes)

“What started as the jangly lockdown homerecording project of Lars from Subterfuge now became a proper band with Mark Specht (first Subterfuge drummer), Christoph Schneider (Bass –  Clayton Farlow, Klee, Soap/Soccer) and Philipp Breuer (Guitar – Pale) joining in. Their first joint recordings “The Version” and “Other One” have been released in the meantime while a debut album will follow in August.”

On Other One The Radio Field show their softer side, not too remote from Dreampop with a jangly twist without denying their roots in 90s indie pop. Again the band invited friends to collaborate, here Federica from the NYC-based Phantom Handshakes added vocals right out of the stratosphere – angelic!

I love when bands work together; this time, it is a collaboration between German The Radio Field and my beloved band Phantom Handshakes. I am really enjoying this summer dream pop with jangly vibes. I am looking forward to hearing the full album which should be out later this summer. At least the two singles which are out are promising some great summer indie pop. Something I am enjoying this time of year and I am always searching for new bands especially if they are coming from Europe.

You can preorder the album on CD or digital via Bandcamp and listen to another single called The Version:

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.

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