Single: The Radio Field – She Needs Therapy

“Lars Schmidt (of Subterfuge, a German indie-pop band of the 1990s and early 2000’s) had something of a musical resurrection in the pandemic and post-pandemic era, as he re-emerged to release music with Veit Konig in Quent (2020) and the wonderful Dots album of 2022 with Subterfuge.

If such a resurrection has always has one eye glancing towards the jangly sounds that the Subjangle label focuses upon, then Schmidt’s The Radio Field project is the vehicle he has plainly selected to present us with all the jangle that is within him!

As such after the critical acclaim afforded his Simple EP of last year (three of these tracks are released as new versions on this album) The Radio Field are back to provide us with a debut “Don’ts and Dos” that takes on something of musical dig through the archaeology of 80s and 90s jangle-pop with gloriously crisp, clear jangled riffs and the incessant rhythms of college rock never being far from the fore.

Shortly before their debut album Don’ts and Dos drops (Aug 25) The Radio Field release their third single She Needs Therapy. Slightly more jubilant than its predecessors the harmony-laden song instantly takes you on a coastal road trip with the top rolled down. In full contrast to that the lyrics broach the issue that people with depression are often left alone by their community, even family and close friends.”

I have written about previous singles from The Radio Field, especially the one made in collaboration with my favorite band Phantom Handshakes. The new album is coming out on label Subjangle and I am really excited to listen to it in full. It is going to be a catchy jangle pop / indie rock with a lot of dreamy vibes. Definitely, an album that should be in your bookmarks to check once it is out.

You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.