EP: Kitchen Congregation – this is gonna suck

kitchen congregation is the solo project of Hannah Morton who has been writing and performing music in bands for nearly a decade. The name for the moniker was a light-hearted play on an observation that Hannah made about how it seems social gatherings somehow end with friends gathering around in the kitchen. Listeners have found the moniker endearing as they imagine singing along in their kitchen while making dinner. Hannah has also been told the name feels fitting for their powerful vocals.

The songs play around with observations Hannah has made about herself and the people around her (just life stuff) with a bedroom pop / folk sound.

The live kitchen congregation set features Hannah’s vocals and words backed by finger-picked electric guitar and occasional tracks and violin.

kitchen congregation’s new EP, “this is gonna suck” follows an entire journey of love to loss – the opening track being a window into an intimate story of falling in love, followed by a few sad bops depicting the decision to leave that love to pursue different avenues of life, and then finally, finding ways to cope and remember to keep enjoying life. The EP was recorded almost entirely in Hannah’s bedroom closet, which makes it DIY to its core, and adds a certain sense of intimacy. There are also features of friends among the EP giving it a collaborative energy that is common to Kitchen Congregation’s music.

I asked Hannah to write me a bio for the project and she replied with this nice introduction to the project and the new EP. I am really enjoying these alt-pop bedroom folk songs and I am surprised it has just less than 100 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her voice is beautiful and her melancholic ballads will get you pulled in. I am always happy to share music produced in the bedroom and especially in cases like this one when the EP is a really beautiful piece of music.

It was such a pleasure to listen to these 4 tracks and I bet you will like them too. Just give them a try and you can fall in love.

I recommend you check the beautiful ending of the last song The Fool, which created a nice closure for the EP.

You can find more music on Spotify.