Single: Sharing – Curtains

Here is a little introduction to the band:

“Sharing is an eclectic dream pop band based in Logan, UT. Their debut EP GOOD COLOR, recorded in the home studio of their century-old cottage, was released April 2022 and introduces their diverse sound. Themes of time, self-concept, and our relationships with others are a maze that the record attempts to get to the center of. Sharing is comprised of five best friends, namely Spencer Felix (vocals, guitar), Nicole Steinicke (synthesizers, vocals), Miles Larkin (guitar), Alek Nelson (drums), and Maggie Mattinson (bass).

Beyond their recording efforts, Sharing are known for their ambitious live performances, and their efforts to foster an artistic and supportive community during isolating times.

And here are a few sentences about the track:

Curtains is a slow-burn single that utilizes layers of lush synthesizers to establish its longing mood. The electric guitars and vocal reverb would feel right at home in an Ethel Cain track. The song builds to a bursting conclusion about our natural resistance to fleeting feelings. Curtains was written in a few inspired sessions between Sharing bandmates, and recorded in the home studio of our century-old cottage in Northern Utah. Great promotional photos, a music video, and live shows to come.

This is a really nice atmospheric dreamy track that feels like that hazy dream you can not remember what was about. The song is a really slow burn and just leaves feeling behind. It is a nice contrast to the upbeat, summery tracks we have been sharing the past few weeks. Just start the track and let yourself float as the song progresses.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.