Single: Routine Fuss – Headass

“This song is about struggling with the idea of living up to expectations, whether set by yourself or the people around you. Coming to grips that even after getting sober all your problems aren’t magically solved. Energetic Instrumentations, Hooky riffs and a big ender.”

A new single by this Chicago-based band from an upcoming record out through Austin-based label We’re Trying Records. I am excited to listen to the whole album because this new single is a killer track and it has some great energy.

I enjoyed the lyrics as well and here is a snippet:

Funny how all your interests are now all mine
I’m just afraid now to look inside
Will I live up to the man that modeled my life
When I can’t even comprehend keeping in line

I love the vocals, the energy, and the sudden drop in the melody and change in the pace, such a great point in the song.

It’s emo, it’s indie, it’s fresh, it’s juicy and I am so excited to share it with you.

Go and pre-order the record and be a good fan. We all should be better fans.

You can follow the band on: