Single: Jupie – Brick Hill

“Brick Hill” is the third single and titular track of my upcoming record Brick Hill. It was written, performed, and produced by me (Julius Bowditch) in 2020, while my sister and I were sequestered in our family home on Brick Hill in Baltimore. There is an underlying melancholia, but at the forefront it is an optimistic and hopeful song about what it means to create a home — to make a little hill a sanctuary in a sea of uncertainty. This theme of “home” permeates through the record Brick Hill.

I have written about Jupie’s single Sanbox and I quite enjoyed it, so I am glad I can share another one. It is a nice lo-fi indie rock ballad that has a beautiful atmosphere. I love the way it feels so personal and so honest. I like the flow of the song and I can just close my eyes and let myself float to the melody. What a nice track and I am looking forward to the album which should be out later this year (I guess).

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