Single: Conflict at Serenity Pools – rosey dream i

“Rosey dream i” is the first single off incoming EP Rosey Dreams, which comes out in full February 8th. The EP explores expectations and goals through the guise of tarot, dreams and daily grinds. With a febrile, winter perspective the EP pulls from the genres of dub, lo-fi dream pop, and shoe gaze. Two singles stand out, “rosey dream i” (the first single out January 18th) and rosey dream ii (out feb 8th) ; both are essentially the same song but recorded at different times in the last month, showing how much a different day and mindset can impact a track. As Luke from CASP states “the EP’s main theme is tarot and dreams/goals— which future do we enter via out intentions, and how different do we feel from day to day as we move forward, because things often change, but maybe the foundation or intention is the same” Grateful for all your listens, and all the shares we get. Means a lot to us. Hope your year is off to a sweet start. 

The EP is yet to be released, but I am eagerly waiting for it to drop, as it will be available on cassettes! One of my favorite bands that I discovered last year is Conflict at Serenity Pools, and their latest single only reaffirms my love for their music. Their enchanting dreamy lo-fi indie pop is simply irresistible and has a way of capturing your attention from the very first note. They have managed to create a perfect fusion between mainstream indie pop and their unique style, which sets them apart from other artists in the genre. Overall, Conflict at Serenity Pools is a band that is definitely worth checking out.

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