Introducing: dilute_calico98 – horror + 3 Qs

In a recent conversation with my friend Chris, he mentioned a song from an album that caught his attention. He wrote about it, so I decided to give the album a listen and was intrigued by the raw, lo-fi rock sound. The album has a distinct early Alex G vibe, which I find refreshing and exciting. Each track on the album has its unique atmosphere, adding to the colorful sound palette.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about the artist online, so I reached out to them to ask a few questions. Despite my efforts, the persona behind the music remains mysterious and enigmatic.

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

I saw Tenacious D when I was a little kid and I thought it was the coolest movie ever, then I saw School of Rock and I knew I was destined to shred for the rest of my life. Lately, Dark Souls has been inspiring me a lot, I just beat the second game and it gave me a lot of ideas for new songs.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

Learning to play keys, that shit is hard.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

I’d really like to write some music for video games, I use GarageBand and I feel like there’s a lot of good sounds on there for that kinda thing.

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