Single: Club 8 – Closer To You

Since February 2024, pillars of Swedish pop, Club 8, have been releasing dreamy after dreamy single. ‘Closer To You’ is the band’s latest offering, continuing their streak of producing flawless dream-pop moments, sounding still as fresh as their debut back in 1995. ‘Closer To You’ appears as another classic, calling to mind the twee pop of fellow 90s bands, Belle & Sebastian, and the minimalist soundscapes of Metronomy. However, Club 8 have always inhabited their own lane, the reason being the fragile yet completely commanding vocals of Karolina Komstedt, her voice carrying ‘Closer To You’ in a fresh summer’s breeze. 

Despite not exactly reinventing the wheel, it is refreshing to hear a band still doing what they do best. Club 8 are underrated mainstays in European dream-pop, and whilst new bands continue the traditions of the genre, there’s nothing like settling down to some simple, yet completely studied, renditions from pillars of the scene.

Written by Callum Foulds