EP: Wimp x prom – Split

The city of Brighton has always been a superb breeding ground for creatives, and this fact is perpetuated by bands like Wimp and prom. Both bands heralding from the city, June 7 sees the release of their split EP, titled simply as, ‘Split’, out on Brighton label, Sugar-Free Records. 

The first two tracks see Wimp take the reins, offering their take on scuzzy grunge with ‘Shelter’, and heavier side of pop-punk with ‘Kiss The World’. Both tracks are wonderfully frenetic and best played loud. prom offers the second side of the EP; just like Wimp, both songs are beautifully obnoxious. ‘Come Undone’ is short and bratty, and ‘Frail Hands’ leans fully into the band’s emotional-hardcore descriptor. 

Listening to ‘Split’ over and over again, it is hard to believe that these two bands have not previously produced something together; it seems almost inevitable that a collaboration was in the works. From the brashness of the recordings, and the energy exuded from both groups, it is safe to say that these songs are meant to be heard in a live setting. If ever you’re walking around the seaside town of Brighton and start to feel the ground beneath your feet rumble and the windows of buildings around you rattle, then you must be in the near presence of either Wimp or prom, or both! 

‘Split’ is just a taste of what both bands are capable of. If ever you’re in the mood for some grunge/hardcore adjacent vibes, then Wimp and prom have you covered.

Written by Callum Foulds