Single: a boy named fox – Grianstad

I received this little sentence accompanying the submission for this song:

First song in an indie/emo/folk/lofi concept project inspired by The Antlers, The Microphones, The Hotelier, The Dear Hunter and Brand New.

I always loved getting debut singles or albums from artists, so I got excited when receiving this one. Also when I visited Bandcamp page I found this info:

Fifty percent of all post-Bancamp fee sales will be made as a donation to the Edinburgh Rape Criss Centre.

If you would prefer to simply make a full donation, their donation page can be found at”

It might be super happy to see such a great gesture especially if I liked the music. A boy named fox is a new music project from Scotland, my favorite music country.

The first thing that caught my attention about this song was its gentle acoustic guitar opening. It was a perfect start to a beautiful composition that slowly built up to heavier guitar parts in the middle. The seamless transition between the two styles of guitar playing was impressive and added a lot of depth to the song.

But what I loved the most about this piece was its raw honesty. The lyrics were simple, yet poignant, and the artist’s delivery was heartfelt. It was as if they were speaking directly to me, and I found myself instantly connecting with their message.

Overall, this song left a lasting impression on me, and I cannot wait to hear more from this newly discovered artist.

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