Hidden Gems: Not Of It [Band Review]

Not Of It is the sporadic side project of Jon Bumhoffer, who also plays guitar and sings in indie/emo rock band Weathered.  Erik Paulson of Remo Drive and John Gaskill of Debtor, Comrades, Life In Your Way, Conveyor, and several other hardcore bands have both contributed drums to the project.  Not Of It has not released new material in nearly four years, so it might seem odd to write a review about it now.  However, this is one of my first opportunities to write about music, so I wanted to take the time to share Jon’s project because it’s a fabulous, under-the-radar gem that I think more people should listen to. Endearingly recorded with just the right balance of simplicity and technical proficiency, every song is unbelievably catchy, dripping with repetitive, easy hooks that stay with the listener for days.  Jon’s songs are saturated with gorgeous melodies and harmonies.  They feel breezy and effortless yet also possess wonderful, joyous dynamics that make them emotionally satisfying and also just plain fun.  These are the kind of songs that require windows down, sunshine, smiles, and maybe even some jumping around.  I love Not Of It so much.  Jon’s main band Weathered has generally overshadowed this project, which isn’t necessarily bad because Weathered is a great band in their own right.  However, I’m so thrilled to have an opportunity to shout and beg for more people to give Not Of It a listen.  Whether you’re a fan of bedroom pop, indie rock, emo, or lofi singer-songwriter type music, you’re likely to love Not Of It at least a little bit as much as I do.

Written by Chris Bernstorf