Filip’s Picks: Scoobert Doobert, Sam Mykuhl, Babe Lewis, dampsquib, Baseball Gregg and LASTVIOLETS x JOBIE

Scoobert Doobert – All My Friends Live on the Internet

It’s 30°C every day, It’s almost summer and the vibe is getting lazier and lazier. Chill dream pop fits this mood so well. This new Scoober Doobert’s track is vibing so hard with me. And the lyrics say it well: “All My Friends Live on the Internet“. I can listen to this on repeat and sink deeper into the summerish mood.

Sam Mykuhl – Unconditional Love

I never heard any other Sam Mykuhl’s music, but after hearing this single, I need to discover it more deeply. Dreamy, hazy song creating exactly the atmosphere I was always looking for in music since I started this music blog. I cannot get tired of it, even though some people might say it sounds similar. You can get this single also on a handmade cassette. Awesome right?

Babe Lewis – Saudade

Sometimes I am thinking why I like some music and why I do not enjoy others. Usually, I have no idea. Maybe it is just the feeling I get from the song. Maybe it is some instrument that is getting me more. This new Babe Lewis’ single has some cool catchy guitars, dreamy vocals, and an atmosphere that fits my summer vibe once more.

dampsquib – a new slice of pie

A little bit different track from previous picks. More mellow, slower. Gentle piano, gentle melody. Something to clear your mind a little bit. It’s Friday today so this fits well as well. I can close my eyes and pretend this is played in a cozy bar and I am sipping my gin&tonic. Not a bad image…

Baseball Gregg – Cilantro Grass

If you know me a little bit, you should know I am a huge fan of Baseball Gregg. They have a new single and also a new album coming up on Z Tapes. I have been their fan for ages and every single new material I have listened have been awesome. This new single is no exception. The summer vibe can continue…

LASTVIOLETS x JOBIE – Everything Changes

To finish my picks, I am picking another mellow dreamy vibe. Not sure why I am in the mood to dream, to float in a hazy atmosphere, but I am enjoying it very much. This track is really catchy as well. A little bit more pop-ish, but oh my I am so into it. Just dive into it with me.

~ Filip