EP: Lunch Trucks – Told You So / Lucky Stars

Back in April, Pennsylvania dub/ ska/ reggae band Lunch Trucks dropped a two track EP featuring the singles “Told You So” and “Lucky Stars”. Lunch Trucks feature a menu that consists mostly of old school ska, dub, rocksteady, and reggae blends.

The first track, “Told You So” starts off a little laid back, a nice little smooth musical intro leg primarily by the keys and horns. The lyrics feel a little intentionally repetitive throughout the track as he hates to tell you so, but the fact is, we live in a world that keeps us moving so fast that we don’t have time to stop and rest until we die. Fortunately, this world has enough space for a nice instrumental interlude in the middle of the song with a great synthesized keyboard to lead the instrumental. The rhythm in the song is very dub and reggae heavy. It’s nice and catchy and relaxing yet danceable, and it’s clear that bands like The Slackers are high on their influences.

The second and final track is “Lucky Stars”- which feels a little faster, and a little catchier. It gives off heavy 1970s vibes to me and the guitar, bass, and percussion feel like they come through a little more in this track. The keys are a little more varied, and overall I really like the energy of this track, and with it being the shorter song of the two, it feels like it ends just a little too soon making me long for even more- and if you’re like me, and listening to a two song EP leaves you hungry for more, you’re in luck, because last June Lunch Trucks dropped an 8 song LP that you might not have heard yet, and you can go back and explore those 8 songs to help get your fill. If you live in the Pennsylvania area, they have a bunch of local shows coming up through May and June that you might want to check out by following them on their socials.

Written by Gimpleg