Video Premiere: Swiss Portrait – Patagonia

This a special premiere. Not only this is a beautiful dreamy indie-pop track, but also it is by a very talented Michael aka Swiss Portrait. He has joined our Z Tapes Family for this year and we are working together on a new album. So excited. This song is a little more mellow, slower track in comparison to other Swiss Portrait’s music, but I love it.

My paradise has fallen
I better leave Patagonia
As everything gets harder
Does everything get harder

Harder now, harder now

Somehow I have been always dreaming of Patagonia as that special place where the magic happens. This “Patagonia” is definitely something that creates musical magic. I hope you are feeling it too.

I am so so excited for the new album by Michael and you should be too.

P.S.: Michael is not only a great musician but also a talented visual artist.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.