EP: KATZ – The Last American Virgin

KATZ are a lo-fi indie trio hailing from Manchester, UK. Made up of Ben Williams on vocals and rhythm guitar, James Bradbury on lead guitar and Archie Wilkinson on drums.

I love music that pumps me up. Quick-paced, energetic, fuzzy. KATZ’s newest EP exactly does that. I loved it as much as I got it on tape right away. You should do it too if you are lucky as there just a few left. Somehow I love noisy, surfy, fuzzy rock. The EP is very short but has so much energy and I love it. Every single track on this EP is great and I can listen to it on repeat. A definitely huge recommendation. Another great thing about it that it is coming from Europe. Yes, Britain is still Europe. 🙂 I could ramble a lot, but instead of me spoiling this awesome EP, just hit the play button and get to dance with me.

P.S.: Personally, one of the best discoveries of 2021.

You can find more music and merch at Bandcamp.