Video: gemini daisies – one

Did I write in previous post that I like more catchy, upbeat songs in summer? I was a little bit lying. I like mellow, melancholic, dreamy tracks as well. As this one for example. gemini daisies is new artist I have just discovered and this single is just beauty. Also the video is beautiful.

Here is short excerpt from bio as introduction:

“gemini daisies is the solo project and artistic expression of Matt Hall, an Austin-based musician originally from Southern California. His latest work is a collection of songs inspired by nature, dystopia, philosophy and religion, and the magic of imperfection. His largely unreleased music is featured in a number of surf and independent films including two original soundtracks for Chris Miyashiro (Whistles of Wilderness, In Dancing Days of Dawn), which received well-deserved accolades at the Florida Surf Film Festival.”

This explains a lot why I have not heard about this artist and yet the song is so beautiful and well crafted. I am enjoying it so much and I hope Matt will release more songs like these so we can all enjoy it.

You can follow the artist on Spotify.