Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Slowlife, Stevie Zita, Persona 749, Kramies, atmos bloom, Crawling Vines, Vera Vinter x Hanna Ekström

Slowlife – Dreaming

Another sweet summer track this time from German artist Slowlife. The artist name is already revealing what kind of music you can expect. Perfect for chill hot summer evenings, when you just want to sit on sofa, drink something cold and have just good time. You can find more music on Spotify.

Stevie Zita – Ghostbuster

Let’s continue with summer vibes this time Stevie Zita, who has been shared on this blog couple of times. Laid back, dreamy track suiting for summer times as well. I really enjoy Stevie’s voice, which has such nice color. Definitely worth checking out more music from him on Spotify,

Persona 749 – Not So Good

A little bit different type of track, but still staying in more mellower vibe. Definitely this songs brings more energy at the end and it creates such powerful atmosphere. Definitely makes me want to discover more music from this artist. You can do it yourself on Spotify.

Kramies – Hotel in LA

Dreamy, hazy atmosphere not only created by music, but also by accompanied video. When you need to slow down, dream a little bit about California and just enjoy listening to music. I was doing exactly that while listening to this song. You can discover more from this artist on Bandcamp.

atmos bloom – Something Other Than You

Do you know I like dreamy tracks? (It is pretty obvious, I know…) Another beautiful dreamy, shoegaze track from British band atmos bloom. I can close my eyes and just slowly dance to this song and let myself flow to the music. Take some time and dive into their music on Spotify.

Crawling Vines – First Place

A little bit more upbeat, catchy indie pop track. I really enjoy the bass guitar in the background, such yummy sound. So much energy is going through me while listening to this, Definitely my kind of summer jam. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Vera Vinter x Hanna Ekström – Drööman

To be honest I do not understand Swedish at all, but I really enjoyed listening to this track. A little bit excursion to different parts of the music world. A Nordic folk from Sweden cannot be a bad choice. You can discover more music on Spotify.