Video: Futureheaven – asuka

I have written about Futureheaven on my blog in the past. This 5 piece shoegaze/dream pop band from Sydney Australia is making such great tunes. They just released the EP and new video I am sharing with you:

Their shoegaze tracks are one of the most favorite ones I have shared recently on my blog. Dreamy shoegaze is something I have been enjoying dearly and I am just riding on the waves they bring with their guitars. All 3 tracks from the EP are so great and I am liking all the energy they are producing. I bet the songs would be amazing played live, I just wish I could teleport to Australia right now and just attend their show. My wife would be so happy because we have been thinking a lot about Australia past few months and figuring out how to afford to go there. Australia has some great music and I am so happy I could discover this shoegaze dream pop band. I will revisit this EP again and again and just let myself float away on the sound.

You can follow the band on Bandcamp or Spotify.