Single: Xelli Island – Just A Moment

“Just A Moment taps into the bittersweet feelings of existence, the beauty of changing your mind, and the little moments of connection and contentment that come in the most simple of times. It’s honestly somewhat of a love letter to Los Angeles and the people I’ve met along the way working in the service industry for five years. There’s something extremely unique and specific about the energy of working here. You’re around all of these people who have moved from all parts of the world, who know how to survive and make the best out of (sometimes, really crappy) situations. If you do it long enough, it gives you this really timeless perspective on how precious and funny life is and how it’s really up to you whether or not you have a good time while you’re here.”

A month ago I shared a single from Xelli Island and I loved it. This new dreamy, bedroom pop ballad is beautiful as well. I am listening to the beautiful voice and soothing melody over and over. I am getting lost in the moment. Also, I am somehow relating to the description above and especially the idea of changing a mind. I have made some decisions in recent weeks that are affecting everything in my life and I am glad someone put it into a song. Maybe it is not fully the same experience, but I like the connection it creates between my mind and this song. Xelli Island made another song that I am totally hooked on.

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