Single: Xelli Island – White Out

I have shared music from Xelli Island before and somehow it has grown on me so when this new single came out I was eager to check it out. I was not disappointed at all. I even enjoyed it more.

White Out is the second single from Xelli Island’s upcoming EP, Streets Of A Spiral (out this June). “I don’t wanna use White Out” is Xelli’s quirky way of saying that she doesn’t want to look back on life and wish she did things differently. The song’s poetic verses build a soft tension as she narrates a vulnerable perspective on loneliness – followed by a soaring and nostalgic chorus that expresses her desire to find balance and joy in this life.

Here is a little bit about the artist as well:

Hailing from Detroit, and a blue-collar, bicultural upbringing, Xelli Island is the independent dream-pop project of vocalist and songwriter Lianna Vanicelli. It is her unique, down-to-earth perspective of establishing a creative life in Detroit’s music scene mixed with the whimsical, eye-opening experience of visiting family in The Philippines since childhood that informs the charming yet humble wisdom in Xelli’s songwriting.

Now based in Los Angeles, her music is an honest reflection of both the inner and outer world that she moves through with lyrics detailing the beauty and struggle of navigating through life, love, and this imperfect society that we co-habituate today.”

Somehow this sad dreamy pop is pulling me in so much that I want to re-listen to it over and over. I usually I dod not enjoy alt-pop music as much, but this one got me so much that I had to listen to it over and over. Sometimes I get to the point with songs, when I can easily memorize what tune will be next. I am always listening to tons of music, so whenever something gets me, it makes me supper happy.

So if you have time go and discover more music from this artist.

You can find it on Spotify.

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