Single: Puppy Angst – TKO

“TKO” is the new single from Philadelphia-based Puppy Angst available digitally on Fire Talk imprint Open Tab. Touring around SXSW as well as becoming a staple on the Philly DIY circuit, the band’s blend of gothic power pop and saccharine melodies have carved out a name for themselves. The new track sees singer Alyssa Milman reaching for empowerment, captured through a perfectly feisty mix flirting between yearning and self-resignation.

The song is really punchy and fun for summer, with a nice amount of haze and fuzz; it’s like shoegaze meets power pop!

I have been registering Puppy Angst for a while on social media (Twitter mostly) and I have liked their previous music. I am glad this new track landed in my submissions because I would have overlooked it in the oceans of new music. I have been really enjoying a lot of music coming from Philly and I still think it is the best music scene on this planet at this moment. I have been there in 2013 and I loved it there, saw there play Angel Olsen or went to a house show with Alex G. It has been vibrant ever since and produced so many great bands. I am so happy that another band is blooming from there with powerful music. I am excited about the future of this music project and I will try to cover it on this blog. Go and blast this one through the windows for the world to hear it.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.