Single: Why Bonnie – Dotted Line

‘3 easy steps to rewire your mind’

As a fan of NYC-based Blair Howerton’s project Why Bonnie and her 2022 record ’90 in November’, I was very excited to listen to her new single ‘Dotted Line’. This is her first new music since the aforementioned record and comes at us via her new label, the acclaimed Fire Talk – home of a plethora of artists making undeniably interesting music. The track sees Why Bonnie following in the footsteps of her previous work, but with more of an emphasis placed on the pop and rock and less on the country elements. ‘Dotted Line’ is an icy and composed reflection on being eternally trapped in the cold, hard cogs of capitalism. It is a bleak, yet tongue-in-cheek commentary, laced with tight and minimal rhythms and a despondent drawl.