Single: TELLL x Ivery – Dusty Eyes

“The perfect indie road trip song for the summer of 2024, where the musically cheerful chorus meets a difficult relationship status: the relationship is on the rocks because they have grown apart. The ride in the white Caddy is an indie pop homage to Taylor Swift’s lyrics about relationships. The song was produced by Marco Kleebauer (Bilderbuch, Leyya, Sharktank) with his usual fine indie touch.”

Here is some example from the lyrics:

You and your dusty eyes, lovers and lines, your world is our fantasy,
oh boy, your sweet little lies, a whole wide, twisted universe to me
In those stormy seas wild wild winds
are carrying you to hidden lights
across the dark, across the night
you opened the door to the other side

This Vienna-based indie outfit has crafted a beautiful romantic indie pop track that exudes dreamy vibes, making it an ideal addition to your summer road trip playlist. With its laid-back melody and sing-along lyrics, this track showcases excellent craftsmanship and is perfect for a chill indie pop summer vibe. It’s fantastic to see such great music emerging from just around the corner, and one can only hope that they will soon perform in Bratislava.

Written by Filip Zemcik