Single: Synthetic Sun – Note to Self

“Synthetic Sun is a punk rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. The trio brings together a fusion of aggression and melody that ignites audiences and challenges the status quo. Drawing inspiration from the raw emotions of daily life, Synthetic Sun’s lyrics tackle themes of defiance, awkward situations, and the struggle for self-expression.

This song is the first single from our upcoming album “Bunt.” The vibe of the song revolves around the realization that sometimes the love we believed in wasn’t realistic. We filmed an excellent music video in a deteriorating abandoned school that will coincide with the release in January 2024.”

In the past, I frequently shared dream pop tunes on my blog. However, I soon felt a desire to expand my horizons and explore the captivating realm of shoegaze. Currently, I am on a quest to discover powerful and moving emo bands that are deserving of our readers’ attention. While dream pop and shoegaze are still integral parts of my blog, I am keen on gradually exploring new genres every six months or so.

Recently, a new single from St. Louis-based emo punk-rockers caught my attention. The track is brimming with raw energy and emotional turmoil which are hallmarks of a great emo song. The guitar riffs and drums are particularly impressive, hitting hard and resonating with me deeply. I am eagerly anticipating the release of their new album.

You can watch a video for this song here:

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