Single: Spaceland – Death in the Streets Tonight

”Death in the Streets Tonight” is the third single from the Swedish electronica/pop/shoegaze duo Spaceland this year, and it’s a beautiful melancholic indie gem that makes you want to cry, dance and smile at the same time.

The song is about obsession and and idea of ​​love, about indulging in a fixation and the strong feelings they evoke but also about the fear of not existing anymore.

The song is recorded by the band on the island of Gotland and features drums recorded with only one microphone, a synth, bass, vocals and tambourine. The idea was to handle the synth like an electric guitar, and to experiment with making a simple drum recording to be able to handle the whole sound of the drum kit. From that simplicity, something greater could be created.

When I heard this track I thought of the series Twin Peaks and how it would fit there. The synths have some David Lynch’s vibes and I quite enjoyed it. I have not been sharing a lot of music from Sweden, but I always appreciated their vibrant indie scene. This band is another great export from the country that brought us Makthaverskan and other great indie bands. I am enjoying this simple, melancholic dream synth pop and will definitely look out for more songs from them.

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