Single: Conflict at Serenity Pools – Stained Glass Curtain

First single off upcoming LP “Ladders of Misfortune” out Sept 29th. The album explores the idea of collage and time—specifically experiences with recollection, remembering the past, and the blurry pieced together nature of that. It features collaborations with other artists and embraces a lo-fi, surfy textured compilation like sequence.

This single—Stained Glass Curtain— references piecing together different fabrics, and the happiness that is found in the not always balanced life of collaging romance and art work for two partners in a close, small space. CASP is sending CDS to college radio and indie blogs for support. TYFL and we appreciate all the support we get immensely.”

There is a funny story with this track, I received it a long time ago, then CASP wrote me that they are pulling it down and doing rework on it. To be honest, I did not really enjoy it that much, I am glad that they worked on it more and made a really nice summer jam. I have been really getting into CASP’s music and I still remember when I walked to some store in Bratislava and heard their single in the speakers. I felt proud that day and I am still loving their music. Somehow, their songs are so easy to listen to and I think that many people can get into it easily. I am really looking forward to the upcoming album and I hope it will get a cassette release. I know I will not be able to afford the shipping but would love to see their music on cassettes.

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