EP: Sleepy Gonzales – Mercy Kill

Melancholic indie shoegaze.

Once again sharing an indie band from Canada, this time from British Columbia. You know I have been really into Canadian bands and I love to discover more and more bands that are worth checking out. The list would be so long, but somehow I am still wanting to give space to new voices. This melancholic shoegaze is something that is speaking to me more directly. Even though I discovered the EP through the last track Mercy Kill, the EP is worth checking out from the start. The first track might be probably my favorite one, but I love all the songs. Every track has its own atmosphere and I am loving that. Just 5 track EP is not something you cannot listen to the whole while working or running or doing any other activity you like. I personally love listening to music while running, somehow I can discover it more deeply while crossing the vineyards and trail paths of Bratislava.

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