Single: Sargasso – Balancing Act

“Balancing Act” is the first single on our second album Further Away, coming out August 11th with Dead Definition Records (Sadurn, Ther) here in the US. The song speaks of traveling young and making plans, achieving confidence in spite of uncertainty. We started working on it in 2021 when our band member Soledad Tejada wrote the lyrics; it features a lot of acoustic guitar and it sounds more like our band in a room in real life than almost all our other songs do.

I am so happy to bring you this new single from Sargasso, a band that is very familiar to us. They did our bedroom session and I really loved it. They are releasing a new album via Dead Definition, a label I really love (not only for a cool logo). I am so happy about it and cannot wait to share with you the entire album, which should be out on August 11.

I am really liking this indie folk rock style of song with gentle guitar and vocals that are sticking in your head. Especially this part of the lyrics:

Life is short
so go wherever you please
Life is hard
so hold your love tightly
It’s a balancing act
when to go, when to come back

I really enjoyed listening to this song and revisiting it over and over and over. I am super happy for this song and band; even our dog liked it! The song is just soothing, it is raining outside, a cold summer rain and this is just a perfect soundtrack for the mood. What a lovely track this is.

You can pre-order the album on digital or cassette via Bandcamp.

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