Singles: Grand Drifter – Beautiful Praise & The Summer Song & As the Days Change

Grand Drifter has released a handful of singles ahead of their new album Paradise Window out September 8th via Subjangle. The first release “Beautiful Praise” begins with a pleasant and lively blending of acoustic and electric guitars sprinkled with arpeggio piano notes. We are then greeted with a snappy snare drum and bouncy bassline that is sure to keep listeners heads bobbing throughout this breezy and sunshine-filled piece of chamber pop music. The soft singer-songwriter vocals guide us with poetic lines through a chorus accented with a flute-like keyboard and the swelling of cellos. A wandering electric piano solo follows and brings us to the second verse and chorus before the song wraps up nicely around the 3-minute mark. A very cheerful and enjoyable song that feels like waking up on a beautiful sunny day with no plans. Grand Drifter has also released a music video of nostalgic film footage to accompany this release.

Grand Drifter is joined by fellow purveyors of sunny singer-songwriter tunes, The Cascarino for the non-album single “The Summer Song“. This one features a bed of piano and acoustic guitars, layered with electric organ, spacious electric guitar, and the same light-as-a-feather vocals that contribute to the track’s blissful early morning feeling. If “Beautiful Praise” was like waking up in the morning, “The Summer Song” is the perfect soundtrack to happily preparing breakfast in a fuzzy robe and slippers. The combination of instruments and textures on this track provide a full and lovely orchestrated feel without ever feeling overdone. Another fantastic track that will make you want to rhythmically sway with someone you love. This one will not be on the album, but it is still a welcome addition to Grand Drifter’s discography.

The third and newest single from Grand Drifter is “As the Days Change“. This one will be on the new record. A slightly melancholy affair, this song is carried by an infectiously catchy piano line that you will be humming the rest of the day. Strummed acoustic guitar, cellos, xylophone, noodling bass lines, cellos, and that signature snappy snare drum create another beautiful canvas for Grand Drifter’s vocals to float over. As the song title suggests, days do change and time is finite, but the love we feel for our loved ones and the moments we share are worth enjoying. We are reminded that “we have time to wonder”. This song is another great indie folk pop tune to swing and sway with your sweetheart to. The more somber feel of this track shows the depth and complexities that Grand Drifter has up their sleeve and has us excitedly anticipating the full Paradise Window album that will be out in September via Subjangle.

Written by John Brouk