Single: Sargasso – Teardrops in the Ocean

I am so happy to bring you another single from Sargasso, a band that is very familiar to us. They did our bedroom session (which is amazing). They are releasing a new album via Dead Definition, a label I really love. I am so happy about it and cannot wait to share with you the entire album, which should be out on August 11. I have written about the previous single here and I quite enjoyed it.

This is a fresh one, which is a little bit different, but still highly enjoyable. It makes me very excited for the full album which should be the last album from this bad. A little bit of mixed feelings when writing that, but something must end for something new to start. I have learned that on our new label, which resulted from leaving the old one.

This is a little quote about the song:

This song is about keeping up love, honesty and communication over long distance, across an ocean. It sounds more like pop and dance music than most of our songs, and features an omnichord that we all adore

A really lovely track! Go and get cassettes or digital or try Spotify.