Single: Sam Rubin – Bullet

“The title track and first single from Ohio based musician Sam Rubin’s upcoming 2nd LP, Bullet, which is being released on March 8 via Los Angeles based Pleasure Tapes and Pittsburgh based Michi Tapes. Featuring a music video directed by Cassie McCoy!”

Take a moment to check out the latest offering from the talented musician Sam Rubin, who previously contributed to the Z Tapes compilation in 2018 under a different name. Rubin’s latest creation is a high-energy shoegaze track with a raw, lo-fi edge that aficionados of the genre are sure to appreciate. If this single is any indication, Rubin’s forthcoming album promises to be a treat. It’s always a pleasure when artists we’ve long admired resurface with fresh material, especially when it’s as captivating as this. Don’t hesitate to preorder the tape, which will be released on two esteemed cassette labels.

This new song is made by Sam Rubin, who was part of the Z Tapes compilation in 2018 under a different moniker. The track is energetic shoegaze with some great lo-fi rawness that I always very much enjoy. I am really looking forward the new album which will be soon out. I am glad when artist that I have discovered a long time ago are reaching out again and sharing new music. Especially if the music as good as this new single.

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