Album: Slug World – Songs for When the World Ends

When I finished listening to Slug World’s newest album, Songs for When the World Ends, I wished that I could’ve gone back and experienced it again for the first time. As I went through the album, I was utterly ensnared by each song, and each time for different reasons. 

“Junkyard Blues” made me feel like I was driving down a back road at sunrise and gave me a sensation of pure peace, and the melancholic, twisting and turning melody was reminiscent of being a kid and falling asleep in the car, and waiting for your parents to bring you inside. In “Change”, the vocals and melody are extremely catchy and are ear-worm material. And, in “Atomic Fever”, which is an upbeat love song with lyrics that evoke a sort of desperate love or longing, the chorus captures the listener as Slug World’s voice carries the melody and elevates the song. I found myself listening to “Atomic Fever” over and over, obsessed with the imagery in the lyrics. In my opinion, Songs for When the World Ends is a must-listen, but be prepared to fall absolutely in love with Slug World’s work.

Written by Valor

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