Single: Pulse Park – Briars

“The three band members first met some time ago on an Arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut/Canada, and started learning their instruments during the long polar nights. These were ukuleles that they traded dry fruits for with the Inuit. After the successful introduction of a breeding program for bowhead whales, the band decided to go back to Germany. But unfortunately, before this could happen, huskies escaped with their belongings, so the guys had to get by by playing street music in Canada’s pedestrian zones, singing about the Great White North. Songs all about the cold, the dark, cod-liver oil and not forgetting the white Arctic hares. 

Pulse Park are Magnusson (guitar, voice), Frank Hagen (bass, guitar) and Oliver Polastri (drums). “

When Pulse Park met in the arctic north of Canada, the song “Briars” was the first song to be written. Due to the circumstances, initially in an acoustic version, the band’s sound developed towards indie rock after their return to Europe. Briars is the first single from the album “First Second”, which will be released on April 19. The album will be distributed on vinyl in Europe and North America and published by “Hall und Echo Musikverlag”.

As a lover of music, I find myself constantly searching for new sounds to satisfy my ears. Recently, I stumbled upon a new indie rock song that has left me feeling double happy. This song, which blends the musical styles of Canada and Europe, specifically Germany, is a perfect example of what happens when two seemingly different worlds come together beautifully. The energetic beat, the shoegaze vibe, and the powerful guitars all work together to create a musical experience that is sure to blow your mind.

It’s currently Friday evening, and as I finish up my long work week, this song is the perfect way to let off some steam. I can’t wait to see what this band has in store for their upcoming album, and I’m sure that it will be just as good, if not better than this new track. Overall, I’m grateful for the way that music brings people together, and for the joy that discovering a new song can bring.

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