Single: Rainy Day Café – Coffee

I have recommended checking out Rainy Day Café before and here is a brand new single.

“Rainy Day Café is the recording project of 23-year old songwriter and producer Ben Williams. The project is a one-man-band operation, with Williams laying down all instrumentation on the recordings. All music is also produced by Ben in his bedroom studio, recording to tape to achieve his lo-fi, garage rock sound.

The project began when Williams decided to move to the sunny seaside town of Brighton to start fresh after the COVID-19 pandemic and finishing university in Manchester. Along with this change of scenery came new songs and an inspiration to start a new musical project, one Williams would pursue alone after playing in several punk bands throughout his youth.

Rainy Day Café aims to capture feelings of optimism and nostalgia with its music, focusing the lyrical content around these themes. No matter how bleak things may seem, Rainy Day Café finds a way of looking on the bright side with a sunny disposition.”

A song about coffee, my daily drug, is always a good topic choice. I had no coffee this morning and this feels like a good way to pump me up. Catchy guitar riffs, simple melody, slacker attitude. Really enjoyable short lo-fi song. Ben is pretty talented and I am looking forward to hearing more music from him in the future. I recommend you check out his debut single as well.

You can follow the artist on Spotify.