EP: Halloween – Self Titled

“Halloween is an Etherial Glam-Core project From Philadelphia, PA. The band’s first self-titled EP has a 90s flair with familiar noise, but floats off to a mix of odd external influences, deeply embedded within the group.”

Once again bringing you a band coming from my favorite Philly. This time a little bit of “harder” music, but still equally good. I got hooked on the first song Silence, leading me to check out the rest of the EP. If you are looking for soft, cheerful music, this is probably not the best choice, but it still brings out so much energy: heavier shoegaze guitars, Sonic-Youth-style atmosphere, and hazy vocals. Such a great piece of music and you can swallow it in under 20 minutes. Definitely better to listen on headphones and blast, because what is the point of loud shoegaze music, when you cannot hear it properly? Every song has its special vibe and is worth checking out, so do not wait and start that track.

Btw, it is perfect music for Valentine’s day. Happy V-Day!

You can support the band on Bandcamp.