FILIP’S QUICK SINGLE PICKS: Rainy Day Café, Preparation 500, Lunavela, Paper Lady, Mol Sullivan, Sunspire, TV Goth, Peira, your favorite plant

Rainy Day Café – Gone for the Summer

“Rainy Day Café is the solo project of 22-year old musician, songwriter and producer Ben Williams.” This track was “recorded on a Tascam 38 in a spare bedroom in Brighton, UK”. This is all i need to read before falling in love with this beautiful lo-fi bedroom rock track: catchy summerish vibes, and a little bit of 90s nostalgia. Also, the video is so cool. Definitely an artist worth following. You can do it on Spotify.

Preparation 500 – Sweet Algae

“Los Angeles/Portland based artist who seeks to make music that makes one feel like a character in a 90’s anime going on a drive.” Another excellent lo-fi track. Lazy, dreamy, laidback atmosphere. Catchy guitars, I am vibing to this very much. Can you feel the ocean breeze flowing through your hair… You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Lunavela – Next of Kin

We are moving from UK through LA to New Zealand and artist Lunavele. A little bit more polished indie rock, with so good shoegaze guitars in the background. Also, the video is quite simple, but with quite a powerful story. A song you will definitely get back to later. You can check more music on Spotify.

Paper Lady – Winter Comes

I must be missing playing my guitar because I am searching for so many guitar-oriented tracks. Also, I have been enjoying very much projects fronted by women or female artists in general. I just returned from the great Czech festival Beseda u Bigbítu where I had the most exciting music experience exactly by such female music projects. Also, this dreamy indie track is definitely a good introduction to this newly discovered artist. Check more music on Spotify.

Mol Sullivan – Deep End Dive

Another proof I like female artists very much these days. A songwriter from Cincinnati makes really catchy indie rock. This track is representative proof of it. Another song in which I am enjoying guitars. Plus the piano in the background is just perfect. Such great vibes… You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Sunspire – At Last

“Heavily inspired by the hills and forests of his home, the record is steeped in wonder at the natural world, evoking its mystery and beauty with vivid, poetic lyrics.” Dreamy, hazy, jangly. A little bit of Castlebeat of vibes. Guitar-based track. All conditions were met for me to enjoy this track. You can find more music on Spotify.

TV Goth – ghost dance

Let’s continue on the wave of a jangly, hazy, dreamy wave. This time a little bit of dark wave, something I have been a fan of for a long time. Not really sure what attracts me so much to this music, but this track is so energetic and catchy I want to just dance. You can find more music on Spotify.

Peira – Fade To Black

I told you I am into female artists. I think I always was, just now it is more intentional. Another dreamy indie rock with catchy guitars. I like the cover art of this song (even though is album artwork) as it perfectly fits the sound. it is really worth checking more music from this artist on Spotify.

your favorite plant – eternal sunshine

your favorite plant is the musical project of 24-year-old Nashville-based songwriter Rachel Swanson.” I am going to finish this set of recommendations with another female artist, this time a little bit poppier track. Maybe something that you can hear often these days, but I got into it very much. I have a hunch this artist will get popular in near future. I thought the same of mxmtoon and it has been fulfilled. You can find more music on Spotify,

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