Single: prom – Fancy Word For Addiction

“Brighton-based multi-disciplinary music company Small Pond are proud to announce that the latest instalment in the series of the Small Pond Presents: Emerging Vol. 3 compilation albums will be released on 24th November 2023.

Building on the success of previous projects, Small Pond’s ‘Emerging’ artist development project once again gives talented young acts (aged 16-25) from Brighton and the South of England the opportunity to rehearse, record, and release their music via Small Pond’s professional studio, label and PR set-up.

To celebrate the announcement of this year’s compilation, the label are streaming the album’s lead single ‘Fancy Word For Addiction’ from Brighton newcomers prom.

A three-piece emotional-hardcore band, prom are comprised of band members Jack Smith, Sam Allen and Alessandro Cogolo who are all ex-members of CUTTING TIES, and are on a mission to bring emotional-hardcore back to the UK’s rapidly growing hardcore/metal scene.

‘Fancy Word For Addiction’ is beaming with prom’s live energy and is a more explorative direction for the members, who have been playing in various other projects together for nearly 7 years. The approach to recording was to capture the band live in its most raw form. Guitars, drums and bass were tracked at the same time with the aim of preserving their energy, the mix following suit with a more stripped back approach as opposed to the overproduced sound bands of the genre usually gravitate towards.

Commenting on the single, the band say: “This song was inspired by bands like Citizen, blending aspects of emo, shoegaze and hardcore fused with traits of American Football-style math-rock featuring syncopation, odd time signatures and polyrhythms. The lyrics mostly talk about the self-destructive cycles of being in not so great romantic relationships and personal hardships associated with love and life.

More details of the compilation will be released over the coming months.”

I am sharing the full press into, to get you familiar with the whole release and the band. I am quite liking the whole idea of Small Pond and their newest compilation. I have been a huge fan of compilations and this one sounds promising.

At least this new single from prom is so energetic, so raw, but I love that. Especially, the hardcore part of the song was really great, it balanced the first part of the song. Overall it was quite refreshing new music in my ears and it fits well in our new Emo playlist.

Go and check out the compilation (you will find it also Rainy Day Café, which we have shared on our blog).

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