Single: Somber Western – Come back

“From the gentle whispers of the California coast, Somber Western crafts a world steeped in a haze of emotion and nostalgia. Weaved into his songs are nods to his influences, the legendary James Taylor, The Strokes, The Beach Boys, and Paul McCartney. His music rooted in the heartfelt narratives of love and the wistful colors of a San Diego sunset. With a sound that is unique yet familiar, Somber Western invites us into his world, where melancholy intertwines with beauty, and where every song is a journey through the rhythms of life.”

“This song entertains the idea (and hopes) that a friend who committed suicide might reincarnate as someone else in your life.”

I have shared the previous single Fol on our blog and I am glad I can share with you another one.

This bedroom lo-fi folk melancholic ballad feels like that gentle summer breeze that is dying out and you are looking into the future and colder Fall evenings. The topic of suicide somehow suits the music and makes it easier to digest. Thinking or even singing about this topic is always hard and I can say from personal experience, it was never an easy topic to talk about. I am glad Somber Western is trying to talk about it and maybe these lyrics will be helpful for someone who had such a personal experience. I will leave you to make your own judgment, so just start the track and hear for yourself.

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