Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Somber Western, Nymphlord, Gabrielle Grace, Sharumaiken Akane

Somber Western – Fol

““Fol” (short for Forever Only Lasts) is a song about love that you weren’t ready for. Maybe you weren’t mature enough or there are other complications, but this song talks about the bittersweet aspect of enjoying the moment knowing that it will soon be over.” This bedroom lo-fi rock California is a really nice addition to our playlists and it fits your lazy summer mood. Gentle acoustic guitar, laidback melody, and vocals that are nicely forming the atmosphere of the song. It was really enjoyable to listen to this track and I think you will get into it as well. You can find more music on Spotify.

Nymphlord – 6 Feet Under

6 Feet Under is a song for slow days staring up at the sky wondering why you are the way you are. It’s about feeling exposed and uncertain in your own skin, but finding a soft blanket of a friend you can curl up under instead.” Another artist from California with a new indie pop that is once again pretty catchy as the previous one called Stinks 4 Lyfe, Once again the song is fresh and upbeat with quite a simple melody and captivating vocals that will hook you right away. Looking forward to more music from this artist in the future. You can find more music on Spotify on Bandcamp.

Gabrielle Grace – Two Sides

“Born in small-town, southeast Texas and based in Nashville, Tennessee, Gabrielle Grace is a singer/songwriter whose folk-pop melodies command your attention while her lyrics make you honestly wrestle with a rollercoaster of emotions, but never leave you without at least an ounce of hope.” A little introduction to the artist and here is a little quote about the song: “Grief isn’t linear and we are always left with questions that will never be answered. This song sums up the pain that is captured in our walk with grief. I never knew my biological dad and these are the questions I’m left with in these lyrics.” Another nice indie folk rock track with beautiful vocals and powerful lyrics. I am really enjoying Gabrielle’s voice and I bet this will resonate with so many people, including me. You can find more music on Spotify.

Sharumaiken Akane – GATE

“I made a sound of the feeling that it would be nice if I could pass through the boarding gate of the airport and go to various countries.” I have written about a previous single from Sharumaiken Akane called ryugu and I quite enjoyed it. This is another song from them that was released a while back, but it is quite enjoyable. This emo indie rock from Japan is really something fresh I am happy to share it on my blog. It plays well, into my plan to share different genres on my blog and broaden the scope of music we cover. You can find more music from this band on Spotify.

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